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5 ways to keep English in your head
Worth watching it: Younger.
Three TV shows to improve your English.

5 ways to keep English in your head

Author: Sazonova Olya
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5 ways to keep English in your head

Do you agree that when you start learning a language, you think “How to learn all this?”. But when the course is finished and there is more or less notable progress in communication in English, you think: “How to increase or at least not to lose those skills and knowledge?”

We all understand that it is impossible to attend courses for years. But we also understand that it takes quite much time for the knowledge to take hold. And rather short time to disappear in the unknown direction again. So, how not to let it leave?



I read everything: classics (though, I admit, it is rare), modern writers (different genres), bloggers (that's where a gold mine of modern words is).

I don't know why, but I nearly always read several books in parallel, usually two or three. The pleasant bonus is that the words from one book are repeated in another, and you memorize them easier.

This week, for example, on my bedside table there are: the American Vogue, the book by the celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe 'Eat beautiful' about the influence of a diet on skin condition and also the young author Mark Gartside and his first novel “What will survive”. I have to admit, I am extremely excited about the last two and I will definitely tell you about them in other articles.


About three times a week I find 20-25 minutes to watch an episode of some American series. I put down words in my "Movie book" (stay tuned, there will be an article about it shortly), I pronounce dialogs simultaneously with some heroes, I write by ear small fragments and then I recheck correctness with the English subtitles.

Now I’m watching “Younger” on


I love grammar. And say what you will (like, it's not necessary, or like, it is possible to speak with mistakes), my experience of communication in English shows after all, that literacy is your most successful presentation. Therefore, I regularly revise rules and do tests of grammar knowledge.

Envy (a little).

My friends know that there is no envy in the list of my traits. At all. But at this very moment when my friend and I come to a jazz concert, envy comes from somewhere: I listen to how the keyboard player of a jazz band plays and I want to run home right there and to master the most boring etudes which are given by my piano teacher.

But what’s the point? The point is that the motivation to progress in a language is driven by the communication with those who know this language better then you (it doesn't matter whether they are native speakers or not). The feeling of positive competition can encourage your interest in English and, so to say, renew your relationship with it.

This very day find the address of a speaking club and, not buying any of your own excuses, register for the next meeting. For Moscow residents I advise my friends, the awesome project Native Speakers Cafe.


If you don't have an ear for music, and your voice sounds not as the opera star's one, I am still sure that you like to sing. Did I guess? Then right now make the list of the most beloved English-language hits, print out their lyrics, translate them and sing along with the performers expertly.

Or check out the website - here it is possible to listen to the songs (not only in English, by the way) and to do exercises which develop listening skills.

Was this article useful for you? If yes, leave a smile in comments. If it's not, then feel free to criticize. Anyway, I will read everything.  Many thanks for your attention!

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Text by Olya Sazonova  


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