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Three TV shows to improve your English. is an international lifestyle blog about learning English and other languages.

I often say that learning languages is the best way to keep our brain fit and one of our most profitable intellectual investments.  My project is called the Govori Project. In my native language the word ‘Govori’ means ‘Speak’ (it’s the Imperative).

Govori Project is a lifestyle project.

On the pages of this bilingual blog you can learn languages by reading about lifestyle, new books and the latest movies. You will learn the meanings of many words and phrases by visiting inspiring places with me and meeting amazing people. In a quite personal section "My stories" I share my experiences, ideas and answer your questions.

Сазонова Оля, создатель и автор Говори Project

I'm crazy in love with my Govori Project.

My name is Olya and I’m a native Russian speaker who has been learning English for many years (mostly on my own), has Cambridge certificates (IELTS 8.0; TKT; TKT practical), speaks English fluently and is sure that sharing one's knowledge is one of the truest and best pleasures in life.

Welcome to my blog, to my project, to my lifestyle!

Olya Sazonova, founder of and


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